Never worry about Startup Competitors again
Posted December 4, 2020

I used to spend a lot of time thinking about competitors, alternatives & copycats. It's a waste of time. In this post, I'll outline exactly how and why this change in thinking occurred.

The change was gradual, but it started after I put much more thought into my "why". You often hear people talk about the why behind certain products, but it was never something that I had put much thought into until recently, and this really helps I'll explain this further down the post.

Firstly when thinking about competition, what you really need to think about is your market. You can't control your competition but you can control your market.

If you are in a small market and feel having competitors is going to impact your business, then perhaps the market is too small in the first place? This competitor is actually saving you time in the long run. Is there a larger market you can work into? Are you solving a big enough problem? It's not really the competitor you need to worry about.

On the other hand, if you are in a large market and you have the same feelings about competitors causing your business harm. Then look to niche down into a specific area of the market, adjust your target customer, your messaging and most of all, be more authentic.

Find Your "Why"

The best way to stand out is by having some type of personal connection to the problem, your customer can start to resonate with. It does not need to be some intricate emotional story, but some core truths you believe in, which can help to guide conversations with customers, your marketing message & even the product videos you create.

Your why will help you to stand apart from the competition along with giving your company much more of a mission. Mission driven companies stand for much more than just closing a sale & this can give you a competitive edge.

To give an example. At Snappd my why is:

"I believe that every brand, product, or place has a story and in today's online world, video is the best way to communicate that."

The wording here is important, by saying you believe it implies some deeper level of thinking & the more times you think about this why and adjust it you will get closer and closer to your real feelings towards your product, the problem, and how everything fits together.

You will also find it easier to forge a stronger mission and build upon this to connect with your customer in a more authentic way, which will resonate.

Personally, I recommend using video on your landing page to really convey this message as it really is one of the strongest ways to make a connection. (See the link here to the points above)

Plug: If you want a quick way to add a video to your website checkout Snappd it will save you a lot of time & allow you to easily share your why with your visitors.


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